KiGG is now upgraded to ASP.NET MVC RTM 1.0

Just to let you know that I have uploaded the latest source of KiGG in Codeplex. Other than upgrading to ASP.NET MVC RTM, there are few enhancements:

  1. Implementing EventAggregator.
  2. Background Services like:
    • Broadcast in Twitter.
    • Ping different Feed Servers automatically.
  3. Restrict Story submit from specific domains.
  4. SQL Server Full Text search.
  5. Other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

And yes is currently running the same codebase. Those who are assuming whether KiGG is following the same practices which I have mentioned recently over here and here, let me tell you, no it is not following all the items, I am in a process of refactoring it following those rest of the items which I hope to deliver in a few weeks or I will post the tiny app that I am also developing.

Stay tuned.

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  • The tiny app route would be nice. It would probably be easier to understand and see your "best practices" on something of a smaller scale rather than KiGG.

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