MVP Award and My Last Year Contribution to .NET Community

A short summary for them who are wondering about my MVP award and my contributions to the .NET Community:

Open Source Projects:

  1. Ajax Data Controls  - Super Hit!!!
  2. Ajax Exception Logging


  1. Ajax Grid and Pager
  2. Ajax Control Development
  3. Ajax Repeater
  4. Ajax Exception Logging
  5. Ajax Web Service- Common Issues

Book Reviews:

  1. AJAX in Action
  2. AJAX Update Panel Control

Blog Posts:

  1. Cross Domain Iframe Resize
  2. Secure Url
  3. Secure Cookie
  4. Utilize ThreadPool in WebService
  5. Performance Benchmark with an Handy Class
  6. Check User Name in Ajax way
  7. SJAX Call
  8. Cancel a Web Service Call in Ajax
  9. Ajax and VS2003
  10. Combine Multiple JavaScript and CSS Files and Remove Overheads
  11. Implement Yahoo's YSlow in your pages
  12. Create An Ajax Style File Upload
  13. Ajax UpdatePanel Simultaneous Update - A Remedy
  14. Loading UserControl Dynamically in UpdatePanel
  15. Showing Modal Progress Dialog in all Ajax Operation
  16. ListView - Too much CSS Friendly
  17. ListView - DataBinding
  18. ListView - Data Editing
  19. Compress Ajax Web Service Response - Save Bandwidth
  20. New Project - Ajax Exception Logging
  21. Ajax Web Service Security
  22. Asynchronous Page ( Do not Follow it ever)
  23. Implement JSONP in your Application
  24. AjaxDataControls - Beta Released
  25. AjaxDataControls GridView Part One


  1. Ajax Forum : Solved around 200 issues.
  2. DotNetSlackers forum : Active member.

If you are from Bangladesh, India and I think also from Nepal and want to become MVP. I would suggest:

  1. Do some massive community work both online and offline like writing books or may be articles, participating in forums, newsgroup, blogging, creating few open source projects etc whatever that really helps the community.
  2. Both Microsoft Employees and existing MVPs can nominate you. If your think your contribution is extraordinary and if you know any of them, you can ask to nominate you. Or
  3. You can download a nomination form for South Asia region and nominate yourself.

The MVP award is announced every quarter and is based on previous year's contribution. If your name is not announced, wait for the next quarter and increase your community activity and apply again. The bottom line is you are helping the community with your exemplary contribution thus making the people life successful.


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