The Open Source Projects on ASP.NET MVC

Last night the forehead four head has released the 1st chapter of their upcoming Wrox book along with a sample project NerdDinner and I think this is the best application to check if anyone is trying to lean the new ASP.NET MVC framework.

And this is the list of currently available Open Source Projects developed in ASP.NET MVC. I am ordering it based upon the complexity and learning curve according to my understanding:

  1. NerdDinner
  2. CodeBetter Award
  3. CodeCampServer
  4. BeerHouse
  5. StoreFront
  6. Oxite
  7. KiGG
  8. FubuMVC/AltOxite (Eric Hexter is absolutely right it does not has any dependency on System.Web.MVC)

Updated (03-13-2009)

There are few more, but I did not had a chance to check those:

  1. FlickrXplorer
  2. CarTrackr
  3. Cuyahoga
  4. BlogSharp
  5. AzureIssueTracker

Updated (03-17-2009)

I think, I should also list the framework/architecture:

  1. MVC Contrib
  2. S#arp Architecture

David Hyden seems also maintaining a list. Go check it out.

Happy ASP.NET MVC learning !!!

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