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  • XAML and : Hello World!

    Tags: Tech Geek

    So Im sure most of you have heard about now, and the fact that they have a XAML runtime library which targets the .NET Framework 1.1. I decided to put together a "Hello World" app like … more

  • Conversion Assistants...

    Tags: Tech Geek

    Move TO .NET from Classic ASP and anotherfrom Java Did I miss any? Has anyone used one of these tools? What was your success? more

  • Shout out to Andy Smith..

    At the current place I'm working at these days we needed a quick and not so dirty solution for javascript style popup confirmation buttons. You know, the typical "Are you Sure?" message just after … more

  • RSS Reading based on Language...

    Tags: Tech Geek

    I love the fact that this community has such a broad user base. We have people from all over the world. One thing that could be considered "bad" about this, is that all of these people also want to … more

  • CurrencyManager

    Tags: Tech Geek

    I need to investigate the CurrencyManager. Tomorrow, or maybe this weekend. Here, here, here, here, and finally here. Post more links in the feedback if you can find something important that ive … more

  • Adaptive Rendering followup...

    Tags: Tech Geek

    For some reason there is a bug with the feedback form for the previous post regarding adaptive rendering.  I gotten a few responses already... Feel free to respond to this thread (if it works) … more

  • Local User Group Confusion...

    Tags: Tech Geek

    Im currently hoping to begin contributing to my local community more so I decided to search around and find out more information about the local .NET community... It would appear that my local … more

  • tracert to

    Tags: Tech Geek

    Nothing to do with .NET, but fun either way... Someone pointed me to this... Output: 1 (  0.217 ms  0. … more

  • Top court hears pitch for tariff on web use...

    Tags: Rants

    CBC Reports: “The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) is in court on Wednesday arguing that internet providers should hand over millions of dollars toward … more

  • Windows ATMs raise security concerns...

    Tags: Security, Tech Geek

    Interesting read on XP being deployed to ATM machines... Two things: “sneaker net“.  I havnt heard that term since my days pulling cable around my old College.  Fun. and... I … more

  • A useful idea, for me anyways...

    Tags: Rants, Tech Geek

    Why does my blog world have to be so seperate from my day-to-day calendar?   Why cant Scott or any other blog provider actually integrate these things? Oh yeah, also make it accessible … more

  • Microsoft Watch...

    Tags: Tech Geek

    Looks like Ziff Davis has created a Microsoft-Watch site, just to keep track of recent stuff coming down from the giant.   Subscribed, lets see if its actually useful.     more