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  • Got CodePlex?

    Maybe its just the bad taste I have in my mouth with GotDotNet that is slanting my view....

    Call me a cynic but I just dont get the idea of  Microsoft has never played nice with their licenses in the past, and SourceForge is available and has proven themselves able to scale and support any size of project.  Also, if you havent been paying attention, they just added Subversion support to SF as well.

    Interesting enough, since CodePlex is all going to be based on the Team Foundation goop and there is a project on CodePlex named "Turtle" which is described as:

    "Turtle is an free rich client interface for Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS) source code control system. It works with the TF.EXE command line client to perform source control operations against TFS."

    So how the heck do I get this TF.EXE?  What do I need to buy/download?  No idea.  Someone needs to put a FAQ up.  :)



  • Vancouver : Riding the Rails Workshop on May 27th and 28th

    This is a two day intensive workshop for those eager to get into Ruby on Rails. Alex will drive you through the principles behind Ruby on Rails, such as MVC, convention over configuration, Code Generators, and the other core principles driving Ruby on Rails to be the most celebrated technology advancement in web development.

    This course is meant for those who have not yet worked with Rails, and want to get comfortable with the basic functionality.

    These core areas will be covered in this workshop:

       * Comprehensive list of Ruby and Rails resources
       * Installing and configuring your first Ruby on Rails application
       * Ruby on Rails Opinions
       * Using the code generators
       * Understanding Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
       * Customizing your Rails MVC
       * Introduction to Gems, Plug-in¹s, and Engines

    Registration, and additional information is available online at:

    For any questions about this workshop, please direct them to Nathaniel Brown, nshb@..., or by calling 1-877-446-4648 toll free within North America, or 604-724-6624 internationally.