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I will be moving my blog out of asp.net and over to blogs.mscorlib.com permanently.

In the mean time I will be echo'ing the titles here until most of you move your habits to that site instead of this one.  Here is the main RSS feed for the new site you can subscribe too.


I wanted to start investigating XUL, Mozillia's version of XAML (actually XAML is a XUL rip off, but thats another story).  If you have used Firefox or Thunderbird then you have already used XUL. 

I noticed that the intial setup of the directory structure and required files was a bit tricky so I created a vb script file to automate the process.  I actually nabbed most of the content in order to create this script file from this blog post.

Download and run the script.  It prompts you for the XUL application name (friendly and unfriendly) and your Company Name (for the application.ini file).  Once its done you can navigate down to the "\foo\chrome\content" folder and start editing the *.xul files in order to start updating your application.

Next you will need to download XULRunner and shove it into your path environment variable.  My script will create a batch file which will launch your application, and it assumes that XULRunner.exe (and other binaries) are in the %path% environment variable.

Two absolute necessary URL's for reference are:

XUL Ref : http://www.mozilla.org/xpfe/xulref/
Turtorials : http://www.xulplanet.com/tutorials/

More references:

XUL Introduction : http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Introduction_to_XUL

XUL with Eclipse : http://eclipsexul.sourceforge.net/



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