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  • The best O/R Mapper

    Some people have developed tools called ORM (Object Relational Mappers) utilities, which can make it easier to map database tables, views and other relational objects to an OOP class. They can explore the database´s shema and create the wapper custom entity and domain object classes for you.

  • PontoNetPT event

    The PontoNetPT community was created with the objective to join all the programmers who speak Portuguese, who intend to learn or that already are developing applications with this new platform NET.  In this event we talk about the possibility to know some techniques and tools that will be able to help in the process of development and implementation it on them projects, thus optimisation its applications of a fast and robust form.

  • Free ebook (Programming the .NET Compact Framework)

    "Paul and Dave are simultaneously writing two Compact Framework books: one with all C# samples, the other with all VB samples. (The samples are going to be made available for download to registered users.) Prior to the publication, all chapters from both books will be made available on this website for public review and comment."

  • Differences Between VB.NET / C#

    "....Because of the past differences between Microsoft® Visual Basic, Microsoft® Visual CT, and Microsoft® Visual C++, many developers have the impression that Microsoft® Visual C# .NET is a more powerful language than Microsoft® Visual Basic .NET. Some developers assume that many things that are possible in Visual C# .NET are impossible in Visual Basic .NET, just as many things that are possible in Microsoft® Visual CT 6.0 and earlier or Microsoft® Visual C++T 6.0 and earlier are impossible in Microsoft® Visual BasicT 6.0 and earlier. This assumption is incorrect. Although differences exist between Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET, they are both first-class programming languages that are based on the Microsoft® .NET Framework, and they are equally powerful..."