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The best O/R Mapper

Some people have developed tools called ORM (Object Relational Mappers) utilities, which can make it easier to map database tables, views and other relational objects to an OOP class. They can explore the database´s shema and create the wapper custom entity and domain object classes for you.

Some of them work at design time and others work at runtime to perform this mapping function on-the-fly. The problem here is that sometimes they don´t work as well as we´d like them to, and there can be a considerable learning curve to set up these tools to work with some particular database and usage requirements.

Some of them don't have the basic support for joins or for stored procs !!

Some popular tools for .NET are:

Note: This is a very simple list and you can add more here.

Some of them are too expensive and others are free! If you use one particularly O/R Mapper build by you and want to share it... dont be afraid ....I love to use it :)

I am trying to find one simple O/R Mapper that have support for joins and for stored procs. The O/R Mapper must work with SQLServer, MySQL and ...

Suppose that I will use your favourite O/R Mapper tool, how you do this :

SqlCommand oCmd = new SqlCommand("My_StoreProcedure");
oCmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
oCmd.Connection = oConn;
oCmd.Parameters.Add("@MyPar", SqlDbType.Int).Value = myPar;

Note: Is only to see how easy is to use your favourite O/R Mapper ;P You can translate this sample or you can put your sample using stored procedures or simple SQL queries text.

Express your own opinion about these or other O/R Mapper tools and explain how easy is to use it. Talk also about them learning curve.

What I'd like to see here is your opinion base on your own experience. :p

Migrating .Text 0.94 to CS

I am the owner of one community that use and have installed the .Text 0.94
We have more then 90 bloggers… yeap ;p

I want to migrate this system (.Text 0.94) to the new community server (CS).
I don’t want to lose the bloggers and older posts !!!

Can someone point me the right steps I have to do?
Anyone has made his?

Note :
I have also put this question on community server (forums)


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PontoNetPT event

The PontoNetPT community was created with the objective to join all the programmers who speak Portuguese, who intend to learn or that already are developing applications with this new platform NET.  In this event we talk about the possibility to know some techniques and tools that will be able to help in the process of development and implementation it on them projects, thus optimisation its applications of a fast and robust form.


We have made one big meeting in 15 October and I want to share some photos.


The sessions where about:

-         ASP.NET - Techniques to improve performance

-         Tools and strategies of development

-         Development of Unitary Tests with the Nunit

-         Using the CruiseControl.Net and tools associates to mount a process of Continuous Integration.

From left to right:
João Cardoso [MVP], José Almeida [MS], Ricardo Figueira [PontoNetPT], Nuno Costa [MS] e João Miranda [PontoNETPT]

Note: Do you want to see more ? :PPP


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Problems with Webhost4life

We have one Portuguese dotnet community (PontoNetPT) that use Community Starter Kit

We are having a big problem and I want to share with you (I know that same of you use that host). :/

We are using Webhost4life
host for months but last month they turn off our site two times (now is off):

"Looks like the database is stopped because you are using 100% cpu usage"

1- They don’t tell us that they will turn off our site. Bad, very BAD!!
2- They only give us that message and no tips or help about the problem.

We are thinking moving to other host because the support is not very good!!!!
Everything is stop because of that. Perhaps they don’t like our traffic !! ;P

Is any problem with Community Starter Kit?
Anyone have a similarly problem?

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PontoNetPT (community) event

Is only to say that our community will do a big event in Portugal (yes, we are a Portuguese Community) ;P




Local of event:


15/10/2004, 9:00-18:00 -  Lisboa (Porto Salvo)

Auditório da Microsoft 

Edifício Qualidade, C1 - C2

Av. Prof. Doutor Aníbal Cavaco Silva

Tagus Park

2744-010 Porto Salvo 



I hope to see some friends of PontoNetPT community ! ;)

Note: On 16/10/2004 I will post some pictures in the gallery ;P
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PontoNetPT (Weblogs)

I am the owner of one .NET Portuguese community (PontoNetPT).

We have installed the .Text ;)

Now, the people that talk Portuguese can have them own weblog in Portuguese ;)

Check this :

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PontoNetPT – Portuguese .Net Group

This post is only to people that understand Portuguese ;)

Yeap! Is true. There is one .Net group that talk about .net platform since 2 de November 2001 only in Portuguese language. We are more or less 300 programmers…

Here is the link

This site is hosted on a free server (have many limitations) and is only to give support to our group. Perhaps someone here can dispense some space to host for free this site ;) Note that we don’t have any profits in mind!

If you don’t speak Portuguese, please don’t join. We only talk Portuguese in that mailing list :)

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Free ebook (Programming the .NET Compact Framework)

"Paul and Dave are simultaneously writing two Compact Framework books: one with all C# samples, the other with all VB samples. (The samples are going to be made available for download to registered users.) Prior to the publication, all chapters from both books will be made available on this website for public review and comment."


Check his link:







1 Compact Framework Architecture

2 What is a Compact Framework Program?   

3 Fundamental .NET Data Types  

4 Platform Invoke  





5 Creating Forms  

6 Mouse and Keyboard Input  

7 Inside Controls  

8 Data Binding   

9 Inside More Controls   

10 Custom Controls  





11 Storage  

12 ADO.NET Programming  

13 Synchronizing Mobile Data  

14 Remote API (RAPI )





15 Compact Framework Graphics  

16 Text and Fonts  

17 Printing


A Appendix A: Hungarian Naming for .NET




Thanks, Paul Yao and David Durant for sharing that ;)


Note: Register online at http://www.paulyao.com/ReaderFeedback, to get access to complete chapters
Differences Between VB.NET / C#

"....Because of the past differences between Microsoft® Visual Basic, Microsoft® Visual CT, and Microsoft® Visual C++, many developers have the impression that Microsoft® Visual C# .NET is a more powerful language than Microsoft® Visual Basic .NET. Some developers assume that many things that are possible in Visual C# .NET are impossible in Visual Basic .NET, just as many things that are possible in Microsoft® Visual CT 6.0 and earlier or Microsoft® Visual C++T 6.0 and earlier are impossible in Microsoft® Visual BasicT 6.0 and earlier. This assumption is incorrect. Although differences exist between Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET, they are both first-class programming languages that are based on the Microsoft® .NET Framework, and they are equally powerful..."

Check this:

Differences Between Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET

Don’t forget to do the download ;)

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DataBinder (Pros and Cons)

DataBinder.Eval method saves you from writing complex expressions ;)

BUT, using this method does impose a performance penalty on your code, because all the work it does is late-bound. Ok, if we want the fastest possible code, you can replace calls to DataBinder.Eval with explicit casts.

For example:

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, “myField”,“{0:c}”) %>

An equivalent expression using casts would be this:

<%# String.Format(“{0:c}”,(CType(Container.DataItem,DataRowView)(“myField”))) %>

Good ;)

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