Mobility Day at Microsoft, Waltham

Like Sam, I was at the Windows Mobile Developer Day at Microsoft, Waltham today. This was a great event put together by Thom Robbins. I have only played around with the Compact Framework with my Pocket PC device, nothing serious, so this was a good introduction to some new topics (remember, I love to learn new things!).

Along with seeing some people I knew (including Thom, Patrick Hynds, and Chris Pels), I also got to meet Duane LaFlotte (rss), Security Depatment Lead, Senior Developer, and Architect at Critical Sites. He didn't speak on security today, but gave a great talk on Occasionally Connected Application Development. He just started a security blog, but doesn't have anything posted yet (hint hint Duane). I am looking forward to his thoughts and insights in the coming days. Subscribed.

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