At WinDev this week

I am in Quincy, MA (not Boston *) for WinDev this week. After getting in at 2:00 am on Saturday morning from the Applied XML DevCon (which was excellent - kudos to Chris, Sarah, and Becky), I spent a day with the family, and then headed over here Sunday afternoon. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with my older boys (12 and 14) who live on the South Shore - one of the benefits of having the conference to be so close to them.

I will be speaking on Wednesday afternoon on my two security topics: "Writing Least Privileged Applications" and "Hosting Applications in Secure AppDomains". I have been really looking forward to this week! I know I will enjoy meeting the other speakers and attendees, as well as soaking in a lot of great information.

* Quincy is not Boston - some have been confused about that. Trust me, I know the feeling. When I moved here 8 years ago, I thought ALL of this was Boston - the locals corrected me very quickly!

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