Rotor on FreeBSD/Linux Continued

As with my previous post, I am working on my FreeBSD 4.8 Release tonight.  Last week, I had problems getting the CD-Rom to mount correctly (which, of course, doesn't make sense since I used the CDs to install the OS).  I was trying to transfer the Rotor code from the CD to my VMWare drive, but kept failing for some reason.  Tonight, I used my Win 2000 OS to set up an FTP server and transfered the Rotor code to my VMWare/FreeBSD drive.

Building Rotor was a snap.  It took less than an hour to build (I am currently allocating 272 Meg of memory to FreeBSD through VMWare).  After the build, I ran the PAL (Platform Adaption Layer) tests -- 100% pass.  I am currently running the SSCLI quality tests.  So far, it looks like all the tests are coming back with a “pass”.

Update:  The SSCLI quality tests completed after 3 hours 23 minutes.  Out of 2281 tests, 2250 passed and 31 failed.  That's a 98.6% success rate for Rotor on FreeBSD 4.8 Release (when it was released, Rotor was verified for FreeBSD 4.7 Release).

Over the weekend, I also installed RedHat Linux 8.0.  I tried to use the port that Andrew mentioned last week (confirmed to work on RedHat Linux 7.2), but was unsuccessful in getting it to build.  After I play around with this version on FreeBSD for awhile, I am thinking of looking at the PAL for Linux to see what's involved in porting Rotor to RedHat Linux 8.0 and 9.0. 

Of course, I also pulled down Mono and tried a build on RedHat Linux 8.0.  I ran into an error regarding a missing compiler.  I will try this one again later after I get the compiler.  I also have RedHat Linux 9.0 and will try the Mono build on that one as well.


  • Nice work but it all just works on the Mac OS X-)

  • Sure, rub it in -)

  • Having loads of trouble getting XWindows to play nice with my GForce 5 at the moment so I have been sadly side tracked. I notice that OS X is based on FreeBSD so the port must have been fairly stright foward (as the Kernal cannot have changed loads). This does give me hope that port to Linux 9.0 from 7.1 can be done once all the Kernal changes have been tracked and the PAL changed accordingly. I am sure that such a project belongs on the SSCLI community site and I am thinking of pinging the community to see who is interested in working on a port.

    Mono does build on Linux 8.0, the missing compiler may be the GNU C compiler, it runs funky on Linux 9.0 :)

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