NE VB User Group talk

This is a follow-up to my talk to the New England VB Users Group a week ago. I have placed slides and code on my site for my talk on VB.NET 2.0 Language Changes. I spoke mostly about "My" and Generics, plus a few other new items (i.e. Using statement, operator overloading, etc.).

The talk took me a little out of my normal topics, but it was fun and there were lots of great questions. The audience was mostly those using either VB6 and/or VB.NET 1.1 off and on. One resource I mentioned, and highly recommend, is this FREE book called Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers (co-authored by Derek Hatchard). Also, be sure to get the FREE Refactor! tool by Developer Express if you are playing with VB 2005 Beta 2.

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