Effective .Net book desired

Scott Koons posted an interesting comment to my earlier post:

Am I alone in thinking that there NEEDS to be a "Effective C#" and "Effective VB.NET", maybe just a "Effective .NET" series?

As far as I can tell, among the MSDN Patterns and Practices books and articles, DevelopMentor .Net books, the Addison-Wesley .Net series books, and many other excellent .Net resources, there are some very noteworthy tidbits of .Net advice. But, no one has yet put together a concise "Effective-style" book for .Net like Scott Meyers did for C++ and STL.

Any takers?

I, for one, have been keeping a collection of notes on the various bits of information I find in these resources.  I keep it in a standard notebook of notes, noting where I found the reference, when I found it, and if something else I have read or found through experimenting has now nullified that information.  It would be nice, though, to have a concise collection of this information in book form.


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