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October 2006 - Posts

My slides for the Boston Code Camp 6 this past weekend have been posted on my site. My sessions were well attended and I got very good comments on each. It really was a "security code camp" for me as I presented security, architecture, design, and tips/guidelines for developers in all of these areas within the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).

My plans have changed for this weekend, so I will be presenting more topics at the Boston Code Camp 6 (the schedule has been posted). This time, the Code Camp will be held on Saturday only. My talks are:

  • Building a Secure Architecture
  • How to Perform a Secure Code Review
  • Threat Modeling for Web Applications
As usual, this should be a great opportunity for developers in the area.

I have registered for the .NET 3.0 Roadshow that is appearing in several cities this week and next week, including the Waltham/Boston location I will be attending Oct 18-19. This will be two days of introductory training on WCF, WF, WCS (CardSpace), and WPF (mostly WCF, which is my main interest). It is being given by IDesign and should be very, very good. Here is the agenda:

.NET 3.0 Roadshow Schedule: 


Programming Windows Communication Foundation - Part 1
Juval Löwy

Programming Windows Communication Foundation - Part 2
Juval Löwy

WCF Instance Management
Juval Löwy

WCF Operations and Calls
Juval Löwy

Transactional WCF Services
Juval Löwy


WCF Security
Michele Leroux Bustamante

Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation
Brian Noyes

Workflow Hosting, Communications, and Activities
Brian Noyes

Exploring Windows CardsSpace
Michele Leroux Bustamante

Build Rich Applications with Windows Presentation Foundation
Brian Noyes

For those of us with busy schedules, this will be a great opportunity. If you are looking for more extensive training from IDesign and others, here is a list of several commercial trainers for WCF and related new technologies.


Congratulations to fellow MS Developer Security MVP Dominick Baier on finishing his book Developing More-Secure Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Applications. This is available through Amazon and other locations this week. I have been looking forward to this one for awhile. If you get a chance (and you really should take the time), go get it and read.

I have been busy with a great architecture project lately that I have mentioned previously. I have also been finalizing slides and demos and making travel arrangments for upcoming speaking events.

  • October 24-27 - VSLive!, Boston, MA - "Leveraging .NET 2.0 Security Features" (Black-Belt session), "Writing Reliable Applications with System.Transactions", and a new one for me on "Instrumenting ASP.NET 2.0 Applications for Audit and Security"
  • October 26-27 - Heartland Developers Conference 2006, Omaha, NE - This is my third HDC and it gets better and bigger every year. Be sure to register by Friday! (Update: This has now sold out!) I will be speaking on "Build Queuing Database Applications with Service Broker" and "Reliable Applications with System.Transactions".
  • November 14-17 - VSLive!, Dallas, TX - "Leveraging .NET 2.0 Security Features" (Black-Belt session) and "Instrumenting ASP.NET 2.0 Applications for Audit and Security"

While I am mentioning these, here are some other notable mentions that I may or may not be involved in for various reasons this year, but you should still check out if you are in the area: 

October 14 - Tulsa Tech Fest 2006, Tulsa, OK - I was invited to this, but I had to graciously turn it down as it the same day as Kit's birthday and I was already out of town last year at the same time! This looks to be a great line up of speakers, and it is in my hometown as well! I am going to really miss this one.

October 21-22 - Code Camp 6, Waltham, Massachusetts - I don't have any talks scheduled here yet, but I wanted to mention it because it is always a great couple of days. I have a wedding in the family to attend on that Saturday, but I may get a couple of sessions in for Sunday -- TBD.

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