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  • Using ASP.NET Providers in Non-ASP.NET Applications

    ASP.NET developers are most likely familiar with the rich provider-based modules supplied with ASP.NET. These are the Role Provider, the Membership Provider, the Profile Provider, the Personalization Provider, the Web Events Provider, the Site Map Provider, the Session State Provider and the Protected Configuration Provider. For detailed information on all of these modules, you should read this. The providers that I will talk about are the Role, Membership and Profile, which are the ones that may be used in non-ASP.NET applications.

  • Blog Post Hijack

    Some guy at http : // www . ilovenet . com . ar has published some of my blog posts without quoting me, without a link to my blog and without even mentioning my name. I don't know about the other blog posts, but at least two of them were written by me. I can find no contact on the blog and the comments require approval.

  • NHibernate Performance Optimization

    Today Fabio Maulo (of NHibernate fame) posted on NHibernate performance optimization. Unfortunately, he didn't include the source code or the DB creation scripts, but I hope he will do it. The post is, however, very interesting, and it certainly shows that NHibernate performance can dramatically change if one knows what to do. 

  • Using NHibernate Validator 1.0 with NHibernate 2.1

    If you want to use NHibernate Validator with the latest version of NHibernate and you are tired of waiting for the new version of NHibernate Validator which works with NHibernate 2.1 and you also don't want to recompile the whole thing, here's what to do: you must tell the CLR to redirect requests for the old version of NHibernate and Iesi.Collections to the new versions. Add these lines to your App.config or Web.config, inside the <configuration> section:

  • .NET O/RM Performance Comparison

    With the launch of the ORMBattle.NET site, a new discussion started on the blogosphere; later on, this post by Gergely Orosz added more ashes to the fire. The subject seems to be, is it possible to blindly compare O/RM tools, disregarding all differences between them, in simple yet not plausible scenarios, such as loading/saving/updating N entities in a loop?