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My All Time Favorite Posts
Since this blog started, back in 2008, I wrote a lot of posts. I’d say some are still up to date. I picked a few of them, those I’m more proud of, in no particular order. ASP.NET Web Forms: Using the ASP.NET Health Monitoring Provider to Secure Your Application...
NHibernate Pitfalls: Sets and Hash Codes
This is part of a series of posts about NHibernate Pitfalls. See the entire collection here . This is not really an NHibernate-specific problem, but, since a lot of people are having trouble, I decided to mention it. Sets are probably the most used of...
Loading Entities Dynamically with Entity Framework
Sometimes we may be faced with the need to load entities dynamically, that is, knowing their Type and the value(s) for the property(ies) representing the primary key. One way to achieve this is by using the following extension methods for ObjectContext...
ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Providers
Updated on August 28th to add the Virtual Path provider. Thanks, Matthew Schaad! Introduction This will be the first of a number of posts on ASP.NET extensibility. At this moment I don’t know exactly how many will be and I only know a couple of subjects...
Vote of Disconfidence to Entity Framework
A friend of mine has found the following problem with Entity Framework 4: Two simple classes and one association between them (one to many): One condition to filter out soft-deleted entities ( WHERE Deleted = 0 ): 100 records in the database; A simple...
Entity Framework Code First: Get Entities From Local Cache or the Database
Entity Framework Code First makes it very easy to access local (first level) cache: you just access the DbSet<T>.Local property. This way, no query is sent to the database, only performed in already loaded entities. If you want to first search local...
General Purpose Data Annotations Validation Attribute
The Data Annotations framework, introduced in .NET 3.5, and enhanced in .NET 4.0, is likely becoming the basis for attribute-based validation in .NET. I like about it the fact that it is extensible and that it can be (and indeed it is) used in a lot of...
Changing a Control’s Output Dynamically
A question that pops up occasionally in ASP.NET forums or sites like Stack Overflow is how to change a control’s output dynamically. Well, since the CSS Friendly Control Adapters came out, I knew how to do it statically, through static registration on...
Workshop Novidades ASP.NET 4.0
No próximo dia 8 de Outubro irei dar um pequeno workshop, de 3 horas, nas instalações da Flag , em Coimbra: Se tiverem curiosidade, apareçam!
Adding Modules Dynamically to ASP.NET
As you may already know, ASP.NET 4.0 brought along with it a new mechanism to execute methods before the application start event (the Application_Start method): the PreApplicationStartMethodAttribute . This attribute, when applied to an assembly, indicates...
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