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Vote of Disconfidence to Entity Framework
A friend of mine has found the following problem with Entity Framework 4: Two simple classes and one association between them (one to many): One condition to filter out soft-deleted entities ( WHERE Deleted = 0 ): 100 records in the database; A simple...
Entity Framework Code First: Get Entities From Local Cache or the Database
Entity Framework Code First makes it very easy to access local (first level) cache: you just access the DbSet<T>.Local property. This way, no query is sent to the database, only performed in already loaded entities. If you want to first search local...
ODAC Entity Framework and LINQ Beta Released
At last! Get it from here .
ODP.NET Associative Arrays
Through ODP.NET you can use Oracle's Associative Array feature. Unfortunately, there is a limitation: you cannot have associative arrays with an index type other that number. If you have this stored procedure: PACKAGE MyPackage AS TYPE AssocArrayVarchar2_t...
Using TransactionScope with ODP.NET
If you are using Oracle Database Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) and you want to use TransactionScope 'd transactions, you may have gotten the dreaded " Data provider internal error(-3000) [System.String] " exception. I'll explain how I fixed it. First, if...
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