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Updated for NHibernate Updated thanks to a comment by Samuel Jack! Thanks, Samuel! As you know, different LINQ O/RMs offer different ways to eagerly fetch associations: NHibernate offers several methods, including the HQL fetch keyword, extension method...
Detaching an Entity in LINQ to SQL
LINQ to SQL, shamelesly, does not have a Detach method, like most other O/RMs. In one particular case, I needed one - or, at least, I thought I did - so I went to write one, which wouldn't require me to use a base class. Thanks to Reflector, here's what...
Manually Seting a LINQ to SQL Entity's Timestamp
Suppose you want to manually persist your LINQ to SQL entities without an ObjectDataSource or LinqDataSource using the entities' timestamp column. You pick the timestamp, perhaps from an hidden field on your page, but you cannot change the System.Data...
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