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NHibernate Pitfalls: Outer Joins of Unrelated Entities
This is part of a series of posts about NHibernate Pitfalls. See the entire collection here . NHibernate does not support outer (left, right, full) joins in most of its querying APIs, namely, Criteria, Query Over, LINQ and HQL. Of course, LINQ is translated...
Entity Framework Pitfalls – Cannot Return Complex Types From SQL Queries
Clarified: thanks, Diego! Methods in Entity Framework that return entities from SQL queries, such as DbSet<T>.SqlQuery and ObjectContext.ExecuteStoreQuery , cannot create complex types as parts of an entity. This is a known problem, whose resolution...
Entity Framework Pitfalls Index
Updated on September 22nd These are the posts on Entity Framework pitfalls I’ve written so far. This post will be updated whenever there are more. Validation Does Not Load Lazy Properties Migrations Require .NET 4.5 Concrete Table Inheritance and Identity...
Entity Framework Pitfalls – Concrete Table Inheritance and Identity Keys
When using the Concrete Table Inheritance / Table Per Concrete Type pattern for mapping entity inheritances, you cannot use IDENTITYs as primary keys. It is easy to understand why: because each entity of a concrete type is stored in its own table, and...
Entity Framework Pitfalls – Validation Does Not Load Lazy Properties
In a nutshell: Entity Framework Code First (EFCF) validation does not load lazy properties. If any of these properties is marked as required, and it is not loaded, a validation error will occur. While I understand the reason – imagine you are saving lots...
Number Parsing in JavaScript
How many times did you have this in your code: var str = getSomeNumber(); //say, 1212 var num = parseInt(str); window.alert('Number is: ' + num); //Number is: 1212 Nothing special about it... or is it? It happens that JavaScript's parseInt function is...
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