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ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Providers
Updated on August 28th to add the Virtual Path provider. Thanks, Matthew Schaad! Introduction This will be the first of a number of posts on ASP.NET extensibility. At this moment I don’t know exactly how many will be and I only know a couple of subjects...
Using the ASP.NET Health Monitoring Provider to Secure Your Application in the Case of an Attack
The ASP.NET Health Monitoring is a featured introduced in ASP.NET 2.0. Basically, you have your application raise web events – not to be confused with user interface events – and you configure rules that define, for a given event code or range of event...
Site Map Provider Integrated Authorization
The ASP.NET out of the box included site map provider, XmlSiteMapProvider , allows specifying one or more required roles for each node it knows about. Let’s say you have something like this on your Web.sitemap file: 1: <? xml version ="1.0"...
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