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Adding Suggestions to the SharePoint 2010 Search Programatically
There are numerous pages that show how to do this with PowerShell , but I found none on how to do it with plain old C#, so here it goes! To abbreviate, I wanted to have SharePoint suggest the site collection user’s names after the first letters are filled...
More SharePoint 2010 Expression Builders
Introduction Following my last post , I decided to publish the whole set of expression builders that I use with SharePoint. For all who don’t know about expression builders, they allow us to employ a declarative approach, so that we don’t have to write...
SharePoint 2010 Field Expression Builder
OK, back to two of my favorite topics, expression builders and SharePoint. This time I wanted to be able to retrieve a field value from the current page declaratively on the markup so that I can assign it to some control’s property, without the need for...
Fixing SharePoint 2010 Permission Problems on Windows 7
I had a tough time trying to have SharePoint working perfectly on a Windows 7 development machine that was occasionally disconnected from the Active Directory (when I am home I must connect through a VPN). I mostly had problems with service applications...
What Makes SharePoint SharePoint
Introduction SharePoint is ASP.NET, it is well known. Yet, sometimes, it may be difficult to understand why/how some features work, because we don’t usually see them in regular ASP.NET development. However, all of them are build upon standard ASP.NET...
SharePoint 2010 Leiria
Ontem ocorreu o primeiro evento SharePoint 2010 Leiria, organizado pelo David Frazão, que me convidou, e no qual tive a honra de participar. Estavam presentes cerca de 12 pessoas, com experiências muito variadas de utilização do SharePoint. Foi muito...
Evento Introdução ao SharePoint 2010
No dia 25 de Fevereiro vai ter lugar em Leiria mais um evento organizado pelo Grupo de Utilizadores do SharePoint 2010 de Leiria, com o apoio da Galileu . Fou convidado para falar sobre Business Connectivity Services. O nível é introdutório, se tiverem...
SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1
Install updates by this order: SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP1 (not required if you install the server SP) SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Packs SP1 SharePoint Server 2010 SP1 SharePoint Server 2010 SP1 Language Packs SP1 June 2011 Cumulative Update...
Developing SharePoint Applications Guidance Released
August release is available at . The SharePoint Guidance site is available at .
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