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My All Time Favorite Posts
Since this blog started, back in 2008, I wrote a lot of posts. I’d say some are still up to date. I picked a few of them, those I’m more proud of, in no particular order. ASP.NET Web Forms: Using the ASP.NET Health Monitoring Provider to Secure Your Application...
ASP.NET DropDownList With Groups
A long time ago I submitted a request to the ASP.NET team for having the standard DropDownList support HTML’s optgroup tag: . For those of you not familiar with this tag – that has been around for quite some time...
ASP.NET Image Control With Fallback URL
What happens when the URL that your image is pointing to does not exist or cannot be reached? Well, all browsers I know of resort to displaying something like: Sometimes, however, we may be able to anticipate that a given image won’t be accessible and...
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