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Getting Current Native Thread
The native OS threads running in the current process are exposed through the Threads property of the Process class. Please note that this is not the same as a managed thread, these are the actual native threads running on the operating system. In order...
Thread Synchronization in .NET
This comes after my last post Multi-threading in .NET . There are several synchronization mechanisms you can use in your .NET applications, so choosing among them must be done wisely. First you must decide one thing: Do you need to synchronize threads...
Multi-threading in .NET
In .NET 2.0+, if you want to have something run on another thread, you have a number of choices: The classical System.Threading.Thread class The not-so-known System.Threading.ThreadPool The System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker Delegates invoked asynchronously...
The lock Statement
Experienced multithreading developers may have wondered what is the relation between the lock keyword and the System.Threading.Monitor class. Well, as it happens, they are exactly the same: lock (instance) { //do something } is exactly equal to: try ...
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