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Instant StyleCop Code Analysis How-to Review
In the past days I’ve been reading Instant StyleCop Code Analysis How-to . Having interest in static code analysis, I have always been interested in StyleCop and FxCop , Microsoft’s static analysis tools, so this came with great interest. I must say it...
Using the Enterprise Library 6 Configuration Console with Visual Studio 2012
You will have to download and run the Configuration Console from , there is no NuGet package for it. After that, you will get a context menu for each project on the solution for editing the...
NDepend 4 – First Steps
Introduction Thanks to Patrick Smacchia I had the chance to test NDepend 4 . I can only say: awesome! This will be the first of a series of posts on NDepend, where I will talk about my discoveries. Keep in mind that I am just starting to use it, so more...
NHibernate Tools: Visual NHibernate
You probably know that I’m a big fan of Slyce Software’s Visual NHibernate . To me, it is the best tool for generating your entities and mappings from an existing database (it also allows you to go the other way, but I honestly have never used it that...
NDepend 3
Patrick Smacchia , of NDepend fame, was kind enough to offer me a license for its latest version, 3.0, now fully integrated with Visual Studio 2010. Its feature list is overwhelming, just think: Visual representation of the code complexity over 82 code...
Visual NHibernate Update
I have previously talked about Visual NHibernate . It has grown since last time, now offering support for multiple databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird), generates projects from existing databases or from existing Visual Studio projects...
NHibernate Tools
Felice Pollano is the author of a two great new tools for working with NHibernate: NH Workbench : an IDE for writing HQL queries against a model db2hbm : generation of .hbm.xml files from a database (currently only SQL Server, more to come) I suggest...
New Version of Visual NHibernate
A new version was released: Some of my suggestions have been implemented, more to come (I hope!). You can contribute by giving feedback at the forum, which is located here . Read the change log here and download it here .
Visual NHibernate
The guys at Slyce Software have released Visual NHibernate Beta. It is still far from final, but it looks promising. You can get it from here , there are also some screenshots. So far, I have noticed some things missing. There is a discussion going on...
New Downloads
Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2005 has been recently released. You can get it here . Note that now there are different versions depending on what SQL Server you are using (Express, Express with Advanced Services, etc). The Books Online has also been updated...
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