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Updated on September 29th My list of posts on Unity: Introduction Dependency Injection Aspect Oriented Programming Extensions Injecting Values
Unity – Part 5: Injecting Values
Introduction This is the fifth post on Unity. You can find the introductory post here , the second post, on dependency injection here , a third one on Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) here and the latest so far, on writing custom extensions, here . This...
Unity – Part 4: Extensions
Extensions Another long overdue post on Unity. See the first here for an introduction, the second here for dependency injection and the third here for AOP with Unity. Unity allows adding extensions to it. An extension is something that enhances its functionality...
Unity – Part 3: Aspect Oriented Programming
AOP This is my third post on Unity. See the first here for an introduction and the second here for how to apply dependency injection. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a technique for applying cross-cutting concerns to existing implementations, without...
Unity – Part 2: Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection Second part of my series on Unity. For an introduction, read the first post . OK, now we know how to get Inversion of Control (IoC): instead of referencing a particular concrete implementation, we instead reference an interface or...
Unity - Part 1: Introduction
Updated: ContainerControlled instead of ExternallyControlled in the bullet list of lifetime managers. Thanks, Ross Smith! Introduction Unity is Microsoft’s Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) container. It is part of the Enterprise...
ASP.NET Web Forms Extensibility: Handler Factories
An handler factory is the class that implements IHttpHandlerFactory and is responsible for instantiating an handler ( IHttpHandler ) that will process the current request. This is true for all kinds of web requests, whether they are for ASPX pages, ASMX...
Pooled Lifetime Manager for Unity
A pooled lifetime manager for Unity. Creates new objects up to a maximum size and returns them in round-robin sequence. Default pool size is set to 5, but you can override it in the appSettings section with a key: <appSettings> <!-- format is...
CachingCallHandler and Unity 2.0
Unity 2.0 no longer includes CachingCallHandler , as you can see in here . Since this is something I use very often, I decided to bring it back, with some changes: It no longer uses ASP.NET cache, but the new MemoryCache The current process is part of...
Set Default Interceptor Unity Extension
With Unity, it is quite easy to implement an extension that automatically sets the appropriate interceptor for each registered type. Here is how I did it: public class DefaultInterceptorInterceptionExtension : Interception { private static readonly IInterceptor...
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