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Instant StyleCop Code Analysis How-to Review
In the past days I’ve been reading Instant StyleCop Code Analysis How-to . Having interest in static code analysis, I have always been interested in StyleCop and FxCop , Microsoft’s static analysis tools, so this came with great interest. I must say it...
Using the Enterprise Library 6 Configuration Console with Visual Studio 2012
You will have to download and run the Configuration Console from , there is no NuGet package for it. After that, you will get a context menu for each project on the solution for editing the...
NDepend 4 – First Steps
Introduction Thanks to Patrick Smacchia I had the chance to test NDepend 4 . I can only say: awesome! This will be the first of a series of posts on NDepend, where I will talk about my discoveries. Keep in mind that I am just starting to use it, so more...
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