Blog Post Hijack

Some guy at http : // www . ilovenet . com . ar has published some of my blog posts without quoting me, without a link to my blog and without even mentioning my name. I don't know about the other blog posts, but at least two of them were written by me. I can find no contact on the blog and the comments require approval.

They say plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery but I can only think of other words to describe this.

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  • does not exists... ;)

    anyway, i just wondered to see how much he/she copied from you....


  • Apparently it's copying all your blog posts. Probably it's reading your feed and posting what's being read.

  • Hi Ricardo!

    I also noticed that they are here. Besides them there are lot more content thieves. I have some "gold customers" that copy almost every posting I make.

    The rule simple - remove their trackbacks and keep up good writing. This way it is your posting that people find and suggest to each other.

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