Enterprise Library 5 Wish List


The guys from the Enterprise Library development team are taking feature suggestions for the upcoming Enterprise Library 5.

I have suggested the following:

  • A configuration editor for Unity, like ther is for all the other application blocks
  • A LINQ provider block
  • Inclusion of XSD schema files for all application blocks, so that we can have intellisense on Visual Studio
  • ADDED: Externalization of the code generation module, like LinFu (I had forgot this one)

You can submit your own here: http://blogs.msdn.com/agile/archive/2009/01/26/enterprise-library-5-what-s-on-your-wish-list.aspx.



  • Need to set rolling flat file destination to a new file each time when a new session of application is created. The new file name should be of such type that it include TIMESTAMP as prefix/suffix with the file name

  • hi,

    I would really like to see new important features in the Cache App Block like:

    1. cache items hierarchy - where i could group items in cache (or even groups of groups of items) under the same key and delete them all at once by this key.

    2. cache synch between load balanced servers while cache is stored in-proc per sever. the synch could be simply by deleting same item (or group of items) in other servers while it's being deleted in the first server.

    Best regards,
    Guy Bertental

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