First Post

Greetings, everyone!

This is my first post, on my first blog ever!

In the future, I will post here my findings and adventures in the Development World, specifically in the areas that I am more involved, namely, those related to development with the Microsoft .NET Framework: ASP.NET, Windows Forms, SharePoint, Web Services, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and so on, so perhaps this post should be titled instead public static void Main(String [] args)! I will also try to discuss more general subjects, such as SOA, Domain and Test Driven Design and Design Patterns and occasionally there will also be posts on SQL Server, Oracle, IIS, Visual Studio and all those other thinks that we developers just can't live without. I am an somewhat experienced developer with strong opinions on some issues, and I enjoy a good discussion, so feel free to disagree with me anytime on any matter! :-)

For the record, I am a 33 year-old portuguese developer, living in Coimbra, Portugal, who works for a portuguesemultinational company called Critical Software. The reason I'm writing in english, is that this way I can reach a much wider audience, and, besides, with all the nationalities that we have at Critical, english is the semi-official language anyway. Of course, everything I post here is my own opinion, not necessarily my colleagues' at Critical.

Nice to meet you, hope to see you again!

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