Five Years of Blogging

Five years have passed since my first post, which occurred just after the creation of this blog. It was my first “social” experience on the Internet, and I learned a lot from it.

Not being very imaginative, I picked a name that reflects what I work with – development with .NET – and decided to write all posts in English, basically because I can reach a wider audience. I did have another blog in Portuguese, where I strived to publish the same posts, at the same time, but the provider where it was hosted has collapsed and it is no longer available.

I am a lazy blogger: sometimes, more that a month passes without a single post, while other times there’s two per day. I like to write about something that’s relevant and that I think may be useful to others, I usually find inspiration on my work or in some technology that I am investigating. Don’t like big posts, or posts with lots of images or fancy stuff. I intend to keep it that way; can’t promise that I’ll have something to write every week, but you can expect, at least, a monthly post. I do have some stuff on a queue, hopefully by the end of August I’ll have something published. By the way, most of my posts get about 2000-3000 views, but I once got 58000! The topics I write more about are ASP.NET, NHibernate, Entity Framework and SharePoint. For some of those, I created index pages which appear as permanent links.

I met lots of interesting people, received some books and software licenses in exchange of reviewing them, which was cool. My blog was mentioned in lots of places for some of my posts, and I was even invited to write an article to a software development magazine! Winking smile

Occasionally, I receive requests for assistance; maybe some of my posts wasn’t clear, had errors, or the code didn’t work precisely as someone wanted to, or whatever. For that reason, I decided to publish the complete source for my posts, at least, for those that I find more important, even with a sample usage. I have been busy getting everything ready and will place everything on GitHub in the next days. Wait for another post where I will describe exactly what I will publish.

Well, I couldn’t let this day pass by without celebrating the occasion. I would like to thank all of my audience for their interest, do drop me a line if you wish, I promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!




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