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random bits from Rich Ersek, Customer and Community Lead Program Manager for Microsoft's Web Platform & Tools team

  • New CSS Properties Window

    I just released the CSS Properties Window add-in for Visual Studio 2005 on Sandbox, developed by Barry Tang and our team (including Scott Louvau, Alex Gavrilov and Ben Constable).   This tool provides much-needed functionality in VS 2005, allowing you to view and edit stylesheets using a familiar property window interface in the design view.   Give it a try!

  • Re-launched

    Just in time for the launch of ASP.NET 2.0 today, we also launched an upgrade of the website.   We've been testing the site on over the past several months and also added several new features for the launch.   Here are a few highlights of the changes:

  • Whidbey RTM version of Atlas nearly ready

    A quick update on a version of the Atlas VSIs that work with Whidbey RTM/RC.  As noted in the 'Get Atlas' section, the downloads currently only work with Beta 2 builds.  While it's possible to get them to install on RC with a minor tweak, there's a good chance something in your app will stumble on one of the breaking changes between those versions. 

  • ASP.NET 2.0 Customer Experiences - Download Center

    We depend heavily on 'dogfood', i.e., self-testing to make sure that ASP.NET 2.0 is ready to ship to our customers.  Starting before Beta 2, I've been working with several large internal customers committed to deploying and testing ASP.NET 2.0 for us.  Along the way we're learning a lot about the kind of issues that customers will face.  We've fixed many of those problems and will also be providing documentation on how to deploy applications in various challenging scenarios.

  • TechEd highlights

    TechEd was great this year, though I had to leave early on Wednesday to care for my wife who picked up a really nasty virus.  Here's a synapsis of my brief but, enjoyable stay:


  • Chris Adams' Blog

    Chris Adams just started a new blog!  IIS fans may know Chris from the Webcast series he does for us on TechNet.  These are a great way to learn about IIS - Chris works directly with the product team on customer and supportability issues and knows what questions to ask.  He usually brings someone from the product team along for the presentation or else works with the product team to make sure the content has the depth and accuracy he and his audience expect.

  • More on Atari BASIC

    Tim Heron points out that Atari BASIC wasn't Microsoft.  My recollection was that MS BASIC was on the majority of machines but this link points out why Atari didn't use Microsoft in the end.  It was interesting to read that MS BASIC was based on DEC BASIC while Atari BASIC was built to emulate the Data General version.  I grew up on the DEC-style 'cause that's what we used on the machines in school.