More on Atari BASIC

Tim Heron points out that Atari BASIC wasn't Microsoft.  My recollection was that MS BASIC was on the majority of machines but this link points out why Atari didn't use Microsoft in the end.  It was interesting to read that MS BASIC was based on DEC BASIC while Atari BASIC was built to emulate the Data General version.  I grew up on the DEC-style 'cause that's what we used on the machines in school. 

I'm happy to cede the 92 sites back to Atari - may it live on!


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  • I had a lot of good times with AmigaBASIC, also by Microsoft. It was a little slow, and a little buggy, but overall it was really nice. I only wished (at the time) that it would have provided support for AmigaOS 2.04+ widgets. I had to use the native interop functionality for that sort of stuff until I learned C.

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