User Group Presentation Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night I'll be giving a two-part presentation on the Provider Model for the Arizona .NET Users Group in Phoenix. Here's what I have on tap:

Session 1: Understanding Provider Model Architecture

I'll start out with a rundown of interface vs. base class architectural approaches, using GenX.NET and VisualBlogger as real-world working examples. We'll dive deep into the implementation in .NET 2.0, which is the basis for several new APIs in the BCL. Forget building custom providers (we'll do that later), I'll demonstrate how to build static, thread-safe Provider APIs.

Session 2: Providers In Action

This session will be heavy on the demos. Demo 1 will be an overview of ASP.NET 2.0, with a brief walkthrough of Visual Studio 2005. Specifically, we'll take a look at the Membership API and the new Login controls that hook into the API. Demo 2 will detail how to build a custom Membership provider that stores Member information in an XML file using typed datasets. And for my personal favorite, Demo 3 will take a look at how to use the new base class-based Provider architecture for ADO.NET 2.0 to create dynamic data access layers that can change based on the connection string.

Tomorrow night, 6-9pm. Directions are here. Hope to see you there.

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