Typing IEXPRESS.EXE in the command box launches IExpress 2.0 wizard to let you create an installation package.

I wonder if I'm the only one that didn't already know about this...

[Update] This exists in Windows 2000 as well as XP. I don't know anyone with win98 that can check for IExpress there.


Awesome. I'm still trying to figure out what this thing does... maybe I can use it for a quick and dirty .NET installer?


  • Thanks for posting that. I had no idea about it.

    It looks to be a self-extraction executable wizard.

  • anyone with problems with it ?

    Why is microsoft advertising ANOTHER way to install stuff when it has the whole MSI windows installer thing going on already ?

    Let me know & Thx


    Pls reply on my email if you can

    Thanks !

  • Yeah, this ain't another installer. It's rather like a zip sfx maker, it just creates cab sfx instead of zip self-extractors.

  • i'm dumb. I'm trying to turn a .vbs into a .exe and I still don't know how

  • I have been using iexpress to make add-on exe's with in my NSI installers, where everything sits in the same path root


    If you have a application that has everything in the same folder, such as a driver, you can use iexpress.exe to make it into an installer, that will run your .INI / .INF once its extracted everything

    The majority of Microsoft products use the iexpress application as well - take Direct x 9.c April 2006 - when the app asks you where do you want to extract, your looking at the iexpress interface.

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