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June 2003 - Posts

Namespacing and Code Organization

Mads talks about namespacing and organization on the Workspaces. This is what I've come up with, maybe it will help you out.

My code is organized in the following pattern:

In the case if GenX.NET, it's Interscape.CodesideAssistance.GenX. Since my reasons for this go outside the scope of this blog, I will talk about it in my corporate blog at a later date. At any rate, my namespace hierarchy looks like this:

  • Interscape
    • CodesideAssistance
      • GenX
      • ScrollingDataGrid
      • ForumsConfigurator
      • Iewc
      • SimpleRss
    • ezc2
      • SimpleCard

It's fairly simple, really, and allows for consistency across product lines and brands.

As for my GotDotNet Workspace, it is laid out as follows:

  • Product Name
    • MajorVersion.MinorVersion
      • Major.Minor.FrameworkVersion.BuildNumber

Again, using GenX.NET as an example, it looks like this:

  • GenX.NET
    • 2.0
    • 3.0
      • 3.0.3300.1099
      • 3.0.5000.1099
  • ScrollingDataGrid
    • 1.0
      • 1.0.3300.5495
      • 1.0.5000.5495

For more on my versioning policy, click here. That's it. I keep it pretty simple. What do YOU use?

How I was Fooled by Dave Winer

You know, I had so hoped that Dave Winer would prove me wrong, that maybe he really had changed. So I hear from the comments in Scoble's link to me that he's back, and posted this melodramatic soliloquy (look it up) on his site. He says "I made my point." Unfortunately Dave, you made a point all right. It just wasn't the one you wanted.

Dave, you proved intsead that you are, in many ways, a four year old. Four year olds take their ball and go play somewhere else if they don't get their way. They play stupid mind games so they can be validated, and make sure that people like them.

You know, you had me fooled there for a second. I almost thought you were human. I felt bad to comparing you to Scoble's anonymous coward. I saw how people are talking about a new standard, and I can understand how you feel. Now I feel like I should have you get your diaper changed or something. I mean, how egomaniacal are you to think that the world is gonna fall apart because your site is down?

And the worst part of it all is, we all played right into his little hands. UGH that makes me so mad. Look, I have these 2 products. One translates data between formats, and one helps enable IntelliSense for web.config files in Visual Studio.NET. Now, both of these products will be obsolete in 2 years. Why? Because Whidbey hasd support for IntelliSense in web.config files, and Yukon Reporting Services will be able to kick out Excel and PDF files w/o any kinds of add-ons. Do I let this stop me? HELL NO. Why? Because I'll have my place in filling the gap in the interim. And maybe, I'll have a hand in shaping the next generation of tools. At any rate, I get to fulfill a need now, AND I have motivation to keep innovating in other areas.

Something better will always come along. These guys don't even have a working draft of anything yet. They just know that what exists now is inadequate. So instead of saying "Hey, I learned alot about the needs while creating RSS, I bet I could help you guys out. Having a single, unified API for blogging sounds really cool . We tried it with MetaWeblogAPI and so forth, but we've learned a lot since then, and it can always be better." No. Winer, the great and powerful (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!) thought that the whole world would grind to a halt because he wasn't blogging anymore. Hey, I'm got an ego too. I'm passionate too. I'm as dumb about opening my mouth as the next guy. But to have the cahones to think that we'd just forget about Echo just to have you back in the community...... ugh.

You shot yourself in the foot when you said in your RSS 2.0 spec "The spec is finished. There will never be a 3.0." The MovableType people even cited this specific reason for their support of Echo. Well, there will be a new version. And it will probably come from the Echo group. 

Dave, you cannot stop innovation. Yeah, RSS will be around for a while. It has entered history as the format one guy started that everyone from Interscape to Microsoft adopted. What have you done since then, BESIDES piss everyone else off?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice......

You better believe that WON'T happen again.

Mr. Server Controls.NET Gets Married!
Congratulations Nihkil! Enjoy your honeymoon.
Scripting News Offline

Roy talks about Dave Winer taking down. While I agree with Roy that it is kinda sad, I think it is a good thing. With Dave's health the way it is, maybe he needs so time to re-evaluate his situation. Like me, he's really good at rubbing people the wrong way. He's been really successful at this RSS stuff, but because of that I don't think he's had a whole lot of time to enjoy it. Maybe some good will come of it. It takes a lot to walk away, and it takes a big man to know when is the right time to do so.

Dave, if you read this, which I'm sure you don't, but someone who is friends with him might, read John C. Maxwell's "Your Roadmap To Success: You CAN Get There From Here". Truly viewpoint-changing stuff. Take a break. Enjoy life. Go take some dance lessons. We'll be waiting for you when you come back.

The smooth one attacks

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Oh God I really am a geek....

I head on over to Gnome-Girl to see how she's doing (not cancer, woo hoo!), and she's got a link to the Geek Test that's been really popular the last few days. So I go to check it out. What is the first question?

programmed a calculator in math class

OK it's official. Right there I already know what the answer is. Holly Hamblin, one killer-cool girl and a great friend, signed my yearbook in 8th, 9th, and 10th Grades: "Keep programming graphing calculators". Why? Because she was in math class with me every year, and all the time I sat there with my TI-85 trying to make it do cooler and cooler things. Ever done animation with a graphing calculator? I made Winnie The Pooh eat honey. Now, 5 years later, I've traded my sleek black graphing monster for a Windows 2003 server farm, a laptop, and a PocketPC.

man some of these questions are funny.

The result? 22.09073% - Geek. Wow, not bad. I would have assumed worse. Then again, I've never played D&D before. I wonder where my TI-85 is....

Nothing more to say...
Halley Suitt talks about the motivations for blogging. I agree 100%. This is why I will be breaking out my blogging efforts onto other spaces, powered of course by ScottW's powerful weblogging software. My corporate weblog is already online, although not officially launched yet. My personal blog will be up soon, and I'll aggregate all three together into a page very similar to the Weblogs @ ASP.NET home page. Will anyone care? Probably not. Does that bother me? Umm.. no. Is my story more interesting than these guys? Hell no. But I'm gonna do it anyways. You should to the same. I've seen your code.... got the guts to show us your soul?
I feel for ya Scoble..

"Brad Wilson just IM'd me and said I'm not being rational. That I'm coming across as really angry. Hmm. Passion != anger." [Robert Scoble]

Huh. I get the same thing all the time. That I am angry because I am passionate about something. LOL. It was good to hear the Dave Winer story tho. It should be subtitled: "How to get everyone to do your thing without pissing them off in the process." I would buy a copy for each of my employees, then spend every day committing it to memory.

Oh, and on another note..... "HOLY $H!T Scoble. You killed my aggregator man. The guy started blogging at 10am and practically didn't stop the whole frickin day. Geez, as if I didn't have enough to do already.

I checked out BlogPulse today, courtesy of ScottW, and to my surprise, I found out that one of my links shows up for Person #26 - Dave Winer. Specifically this post when I not so subtly called him a "self important pretentious asshole". I'm sure a few of you could probably say that about me too. I was also linked 2x on the same day ScottW was notable. Anyways, I thought that was pretty cool. I love blogging.
Windows Mobile 2003 Disappointment

HP will not have a ROM update with the new OS for my PPC until October. :-( Man I hate waiting for new stuff. At least they'll have an upgrade for my device.... before it didn't even show the 3800 series being available.

And let me just say that, man their website sucks. I haven't seen so many broken links since, well... since I launched my website. Holy crap. I think I'll wait a few weeks and let them get it together... they're really scrambling on this one.

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