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March 2005 - Posts

La Vida Robot Team
I came across this article about a group of illegal alien high school students from right here in Phoenix who beat MIT in a robot contest. They're amazing people, and the story is very well-written too. Please take a moment to donate to their scholarship fund... they definitely deserve it. Thanks to Chris Sells for the link.
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 RTMs

I just received an e-mail that as of 5:20pm, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 has gone RTM. It is available now to beta testers at,  and should be on and MSDN "shortly".

UPDATE: You can get it from Microsoft here (link courtesy

Site Outage Notice for & Others

As some of you might have already known, my company hosts it's servers at ServerBeach. They're a great hoster, and have treated us very well. They were recently bought out by a European hosting company called Peer1, and have since constructed a new datacenter. Last week, our servers were moved to the new facility, and over the past week,, and other sites have been experiencing intermittent outtages. I confirmed on Thursday that the hard drive on our webserver is failing (most likely damaged in transit), which is the reason for the current outtage.

Because of the network upgrade, ServerBeach now has some new server offerings, as well as faster network connections. So I just purchased a new dual hard drive box with a 100MB port to become our new database server, and we're promoting the existing database server to a web server. This should mean that our websites should be served up much faster than before, because there will be a bigger pipe available for the VPN connection, and we can move the databases to separate servers

I'm glad this happened now, and not after Indigo and Avalon launched, cause I'd have been pretty pissed. At any rate, while I'm shuffling all of our assets around, all of our community sites will remain offline. I'm anticipating everything will be back up early next week. It's just taking a while to back up 7GB of log files...

Gimme a break....

I'm with Wally, Paul, and Jeff. I'm definitely not joining the ranks of the Old Guard anytime soon. PS, I've been programming on some form of BASIC since the Apple IIc. Sure, VB.NET was tough to get over. Objects? Event-driven programming? But I got over it. Like thousands of other people did. And I still learn new things every day. Something tells me half of these people are just pissed off that Microsoft didn't listen to them, and now they wanna pout about it.

I think it's just old relics trying one last desperate attempt to stay relevant. It won't last long, and hopefully Richard Grimes and his cronies will whine themselves into oblivion, and let the rest of us focus on the present and the future.

Does Apple still support the Apple IIc? NO. Does IBM still support PC/DOS? NO. Support lifecycles end. If you want support now, pay for it. Band together and start a business where you support it for cheaper than Microsoft does, if you REALLY want to work with it that long. I think you'll see your client numbers dwindle over time, especially since WINDOWS is gonna have .NET baked in very soon.

Just remember, 100 MVPs do not speak for all of us.

Thinking Of You, Chris Sells

My roommate has a bathroom book called "The Rules: A Man's Guide to Life." by Esquire Magazine. I was sitting reading it the other day (use your imagination.... actually, please don't) and I came across Rule 390, which made me think of Chris Sells. I will give you just a second to snicker at that while I type the rule.

Rule 390: If you wonder, even momentarily, about the toilet and shower facilities at Burning Man, you're tool old to attend.


Any Good WinForms HTML Edit Controls?
I'm looking at ramping up development on VisualBlogger again, and I'm still looking for a really solid WinForms HTML edit control. Anyone know of any good ones?
New CSverter build (50301) - Fixes for Single Blogs

Lots of people have been having problems getting CSverter to work for single blog configurations. With the help of a couple people, I figured out why, and have coded a fix for it. This version also fixes some problems with the web service, and has cleaner logging. The logging and UI status updates are very complex, and are still undergoing refinement.

Please read the wiki page for instructions and assistance. It is highly recommended that anyone using the tool upgrade to this new version.

Download Build 50301 now.

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