• How many employees/books do you have? I know it sounds pretty arcane :), but we actually set up a small book/video library with checkout cards. Works pretty well.

  • I have the same problem.

    3.5 GB of book, all formats (pdf,chm), some times i have ISBN and picture.

    I don't know what can with all this materials.

  • Hi Roy,

    If I assume that your team works based on confidence (and the contrary would be very surprising), then why don't you use an Excel sheet on a shared drive? You probably don't have so many books and so many employees that you need a real database to handle all of them. Of course, this requires a little discipline. But you need that as a developer, anyway ;-). Several other tracks: a simple web service combined with an InfoPath form (nice little application that I would be very happy to develop just to learn new stuff :-); or FlexWiki with a topic for each book; or .Text with a feed for each book :-); ...

  • I know this is not *my* company, but... As a demonstration of what SharePoint is capable of, as a consultant, I created a simple book library management system using a custom list in SharePoint. Because there is no limit to the number of views that can be created against a list in SharePoint, and since security is flexible, I was able to create a means of allowing users to see at a glance which books were1 available, which were checked out, to click on a given book to create a reservation for it to be picked up at a later time, etc... Since this was just an example, I was not around long enough to see how it has worked over time... However, I do think that SharePoint could serve this purpose. Not free of course, but if your company already has Windows 2003 licenses, then it is included...

  • I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear, but if checkout & categorization are the basic requirements, I would think you could build one quickly in Smalltalk hooked to a simple db.

  • At the time we had a big-assed Excel document on a shared folder. :P

  • Why don't you go to IKEA and buy a bookshelf. Then put a sheet of paper on the side or top of the bookshelf.

    When someone takes a book out, they write the book title and their name down beside the book title.

    When they return the book, they cross the entry out. :)

  • cut each page out of each book and use them to wallpaper the corridors.

    that way everyone can browse and you'll never lose any.

    maybe i haven't thought this through completely.

  • Maybe you need Wiki.

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