• I hope it works out for you...I have to admit, I've gotten the ftp working without much fuss, so I haven't looked at it too much. Did it throw a specific error?

    Btw - I hope to have some rudimentary spellchecking via plugins real soon. I'm using a modified version of your EAP! So, be on the lookout, I'm chugging along on this piece.

  • actually wBloggar works pretty well for me, but I'll give a try to this.

  • Chris: It's pretty darn cool, except I'm not sure what I have to do to make the picture loaded intot he FTP. If I put a new image and select it from my local machine via the "source" field dialog, it just posts it using that local path.

    Anything special that needs to be done?

  • Aha! That's something I was struggling with before...it's not a trivial task to change from a local version of an image file to one that gets uploaded.

    The (temporary) solution is to use the little upload file button on the toolbar (looks like a world with an arrow going into it). This will actually inject an image nearly the same way that w.bloggar handles it.

    Sorry about that - the add image dialog is actually an effect of mshtml. I never figured out an elegant way to handle it...maybe I should take it out in favor of the upload file dialog?


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