• I've been watching Jonathan with growing respect for some time. I'm also looking forward to using this test framework. When I look back to the first version of NUnit I can see amazing progress (due to how the .NET framework works).

    Keep us informed please.

    (Anyone know what happened about Peli's trip to Redmond?)

  • Peli is going to redmond in a couple months I think.

    Meanwhile he (obviously) has some free time and we all benefit from that :)

  • Actually couple weeks. I should be there second week of october :)

  • We're using mbUnit now on a project for about two months now and its working great.

  • We're in the process of switching all of our work over from NUnit to MbUnit, and are very happy with the results. The Rollback functionality (based on your article) is a godsend, and we're really looking forward to getting the NUnitAddIn-type functionality back with the new release.

    I can't think of a good reason to stick with NUnit at this point-- the migration is pretty painless, and the feature set in MbUnit is much larger (and growing rapidly).

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