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  • Working with VS 2008 in a team environment...

    Scott Guthrie has a great post about Multi-Targeting in VS 2008. It's a great feature of this new IDE, however it falls short of what I'd like. Rick Strahl has a good post explaining the differences in solution / project files here, which I build this post on.

    One thing I really wanted to try was to open up our new project into the new dev. environment and see how it works in a real world application. Our main solution involves 30+ code projects, and 8 web application projects, and that would be a very good test case for VS 2008.

    However, I wanted to do this while the rest of my team works in VS 2005. Unfortunately, I cannot do this because of the changes this does to the Solution file.  The only "solution" to this would be for me to disconnect my Solution file from Team Foundaion Server, and add new projects manually... one thing I might consider to test this.

    Most companies would never let any beta software be used on their major applications, however I know and my bosses know that if no one used beta software for real world applications, they might not be fully ready upon release.

    Hopefully some new tidbits of information come up soon so I can try this out.

  • Disable pages until they're fully loaded?

     I deal mainly with large scale online applications. Each page that is loaded on a clients computer is littered with JavaSciprt and AJAX functionality.

    One problem we've encountered is users clicking buttons before the page is fully loaded. They might load one page, just to find the link to another, and as soon as they can click the link they do.

    Some of our older pages in our application were not fixed to load scripts first, and then the content. As well as sometimes a link/button is also dependent on another control that isn't loaded yet.

    One thing we've thought of doing was disableing all buttons until the page was fully loaded, however I'm not sure how this will affect our customers, and our testers, will like this though.

  • Today is the day for VS .Net 2008 Beta 2

    Visual Studio .NET 2008 Beta 2 is apparently getting released today.  This release has all .NET developer salivating... waiting eagerly to download it.

    There are so many featuers in this release, so many new idea's and new concepts. There was a great post by Marc Schweigert on "What's New for Web Developers in Visual Studio 2008 & the Microsoft ASP.NET Futures". There are also many posts on Scott Guthrie's blog on Visual Studio 2008.

    I think the biggest feature of this product is the JavaScript debugging and inteli-sense, and aslo the new rich CSS and style features.

    Harry Potter, move away. Bring on VS 2008!