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Sort a ListBox by funky_rus

I believe this method is available in .NET 3.5, but in earlier framework versions we have to implement this ourselves.. #region Helper functions /// <summary> /// Sorts the list box in descending order /// </summary> /// <param name="pList...

CSV to TextReader by funky_rus

/// <summary> /// Take a file path and return a TextReader /// </summary> /// <param name="file_path"></param> /// <returns></returns> private TextReader OpenFile ( string file_path) { try { // Read the CSV file in...

AJAX UpdatePanel triggers, Conditional update mode by funky_rus

First of all I'd like to thank kowalskec for pointing me out the CopySourceasHTML VS add-in that will help me copy the code snippets from Visual Studio here without losing any text formatting. Cheers buddy! =) And now the task: The BugsGridView GridView...

Add new Blog Post WYSIWYG horrors by funky_rus

First of all, I am not even talking about FireFox or Opera, it's IE6 what I try to use to make a new post. I copy-paste the code from Visual Studion or even do it through Word, but there's no way I can get the same look of code snippets: This is copied...
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