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  • Gmail

    Anybody interested in getting a Gmail account? Email my gmail account with the alias russnem. First come, first serve.

  • New Trek Movie

    I recently read a quote from Rick Berman (the producer of Star Trek) that the next movie will most likely deal with a time period BEFORE their show "Enterprise" takes place. I find myself thinking "When is this guy FINALLY going to learn? WILL he ever learn?" It's time for new blood. Nobody wants to hear what happens BEFORE the original series. Come on. Star Trek was created to show us (by example) the world we can hope to live in, not how we got there.

  • RootCanal.Completed = True

    I finally (after putting it off for nine months) got my root canal this evening. It went better than my last one, but there was still some definite "discomfort". This was after I had to do two MSDN webcasts earlier in the day. I was a hurtin' puppy. But now it's all over with and I can once again use that side of my mouth to drink hot or cold beverages. No more "room temperature" requirement for me, baby!

  • Television on DVDs

    If not for the DVDs, I never would have gotten in to "24" or "Alias". There's also "The Apprentice", whose first season was recently released on DVD for about $41.

  • From Comment to Thread: The French

    My last blog entry mentioned a fondue restaurant that I believe might be called "Fondue French". Someone posted a comment that said "BOYCOTT THE FRENCH" and signed it "French_Suck".

  • Fondue up the Wazue

    Last night we celebrated my wife's birthday over dinner at a restaurant that we'd never tried. Their whole theme was "fondue". For those who are unfamiliar, fondue is a hot substance generally made from cheese and wine. You're supposed to dip bread in it and be swept away by the amazing flavor.

  • Getting Organized

    My wife went back to work two weeks ago and there's been an adjustment period. She was so used to doing all the bills, keeping the house in order, and doing most of the cooking that it was hard for her to get OUT of the habit of still trying to do all that AFTER being out of the house for 10 hours each day. I had to sit her down one day last week and say "Don't you get it? All of this is not solely your responsibility anymore." It was like I lifted the empire state building off of her. Then she asked me to make her an apple martini.