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Team System Source Control Structure
15 September 06 01:49 PM | russnem | with no comments
I have several clients, all of whom share a couple of class libraries that I created with a framework of functionality. I am attempting to add these clients to TFS source control, but I'm getting binding errors.

For example, suppose my first shared library is Romax.RealEstate and I have corporate intranets for Client 1 and Client 2. Both clients will also have their own class libraries with custom classes as well as classes that inherit from ones that exist in Romax.RealEstate.

What I've done is structure Client 1 the following way in my file system:


So basically, both solution files reference the shared class library which exists outside of their own folder.

Can anyone recommend a way that I can implement something like this without having Visual Studio complain about binding roots and the like?
Post VSLive! New York City Report
14 September 06 09:28 AM | russnem | with no comments

I have just returned from speaking at VSLive! in New York City. The conference was far smaller than I expected. I would have thought there would be about twice as many attendees, but it was a very smooth-running, low-key conference. Although the conference hotel was in Brooklyn, it was only a ten-minute commute to get to lower Manhattan. 

This was the first speaking engagement at which I used my MacBook Pro for my presentations instead of a Windows-based laptop, so this was the "big test". Murphy's Law states that whatever can go wrong, will. Well the my MacBook Pro made Murphy its ***, and I'm happy to say that the presentations (given in Keynote instead of PowerPoint) went off without a hitch and were absolutely gorgeous. After my first talk, the A/V guy stopped me on my way out of the room to show me how much more crisp the recording looked as compared to the previous presenter who used PowerPoint on Windows. He was right. the PowerPoint presentation looked very pixellated and blurry, while the Keynote presentation was clearly more ... well ... clear.

Parallels performed like a champ, not crashing once. In fact, as I look back, Parallels hasn't crashed since I installed it. There are many rumors about the recently-released beta of a new Parallels version being quite buggy, but I was using the latest released version. Both of my talks went off without a hitch.

It was great to see my friends and to see some on New York. There are always lots of great sessions at these industry conferences, so to those who have never attended, I highly recommend them.

The Missing Sync
08 September 06 07:57 PM | russnem | 25 comment(s)

For the past six months or so I have been making a "back-burner" effort to move my 350+ contacts from my Outlook over to my Address Book on my Mac. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't appear to support the vCard standard like many others (even in the latest beta of Office 2007, which is utterly shocking to me) when it comes to exporting. My only guess is that they don't want to make it easy for people to export all of their contacts to another application and stop using Outlook. It was painful until I very recently installed Thunderbird on an old Windows machine I was retiring. Thunderbird allows the easy import (and subsequent export) of your contacts to standard vCard format, which allowed me to easily import them into the Address Book application. While I never plan to use Thunderbird, I commend them on their cooperative skills.

Today I was on the road and desperately needed a phone number that was in my Address Book but not on my Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone. It was at that point that I decided I needed to get my Mac to sync with Windows Mobile.

Enter "The Missing Sync".  Although their price is cheap and their product seems reliable, the one thing I wasn't able to do was sync my 2125 via Bluetooth. Once I switched to USB, however, the sync occurred without error and now I have my entire iCal calendar as well as my Address Book contacts all on my phone.

Yet another successful product has been released that allows me to use my great Mac as my main machine and my Parallels installation to do nothing but develop in .NET. Thank you, Missing Sync. Not only can I continue to develop .NET applications for my phone using the compact framework, but now I can sync with my main computer.


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