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Speaking at SQL Saturday #184 (North Haven CT) 03/02/2013

I am presenting at SQL Saturday #184 event in North Haven CT on March 2nd 2013. The presentation topic is about PowerShell and SQL Server – ‘Get-PowerShell | Get-SQLServer’.

Primarily aimed at SQL Server DBAs & developers – it’ll introduce PowerShell and show how it is applied with SQL Server and related tasks. More details are here at the SQL Saturday #184 session site.

Microsoft MVP Award for 2013: SharePoint Server


My thanks to Microsoft for the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for 2013 - 6th time in a row since 2008!  The award is based on SharePoint Server and working with the CTDOTNET/CTSPUG developer groups and also actively presenting and participating in numerous events – details are the MVP Profile site.

More about plans that are in the works for this year is coming shortly - some exciting stuff for the community!

NYC Visual Studio User Group VS 2012/SharePoint 2010 Development Presentation

The presentation material from my session ‘Using the new Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint 2010 development’ for the NYC Visual Studio User Group (Nov 27 2012) can be downloaded from here ( NYCVSUG-VS2012-SP2010DEV.pdf).

SharePoint 2013 evaluation on CloudShare
I am looking forward to checking out the new SharePoint 2013 features hosted within a CloudShare sandbox. CloudShare provides various SharePoint hosted environments 'on tap' for faster deployment and testing - a free trial is well worth exploring.
Boston Code Camp 18 Visual Studio 2012/SharePoint Development Presentation

The presentation material from my session ‘Using the new Visual Studio 2012 for SharePoint 2010 development’ for the Boston Code Camp (Oct 20 2012) can be downloaded from here ( SBC-CodeCamp -BOS 2012.pdf).

Code Camp NYC SharePoint Dev Presentation (Sept 15 2012)

The presentation material from my presentation ‘SharePoint 2010 Development with Visual Studio 2012’ for the Code Camp NYC (Sept 15 2012) can be downloaded from here (

Keep Calm And Yammer On

Another one in the series


Keep Calm And PowerShell On

Another variation of the historic poster from WW2.


SharePoint variations here…

Keep Calm And SharePoint

Variations of the historic poster from WW2.


KCSP2 - Copy


KCSP3 - Copy

Cronyism comes to the SharePoint Community

Last year, for SharePoint Saturday New York 2011 #SPSNYC , I had submitted 3 proposed developer sessions and all three were rejected. Apparently, there were 7 SharePoint governance sessions in a track that crowded out the developers but four of the governance sessions were presented by speakers from the event sponsors themselves (sort of buying your way into a voluntary community event and being paid for it).

This year a developer session was submitted by someone and was accepted -

But what the above agenda appears to be is a blatant plagiarism from a recent posting at the Microsoft MSDN site -


I am not going to speculate whether he was in a hurry or doesn’t know the subject but he is a friend of the organizers' of the SharePoint Saturday New York event. Also in this line-up: two sessions by two separate speakers with exceedingly similar content (I presume both friends of the organizers). Lastly, someone has been given two presentations sessions – one on Governance and ironically, the other on Community. He also happens to be employed by one of the event sponsor. For this SharePoint Saturday New York event #SPSNYC , there were over 250 sessions submitted by many and only 60 were accepted – the friend gets two.

SharePoint Saturday New York is not representative of the SharePoint community in NY - there are two regular SharePoint groups: the NY SharePoint Developers Group and the NY SharePoint Users Group and none of these local organizations are represented in the administration of the SharePoint Saturday NYC event.

I submitted six proposed sessions this year and all were rejected - had I believed in demagoguery and cronyism, I would have only submitted one.

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