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Siebel vs Infopath .Net

Since few days i am working with very typical combination i ever heard. It is really challenging one so far i handled. It is nothing other that the InfoPath Implementation with Siebel.

Since last three days it looks like i am going to hell by dealing with Siebel but at same time i like Hell too :) Which turns to be heaven later?

Check out this cool URL

Cheers to Siebel .Net

Thanks and Regards,

Suresh[Microsoft MVP .Net]

How do I install my VS 2005 ?

                Few days back I got VS2005 and being on Sunday (No girls friend so at home L ) I thought to install it on my personal computer.It took me some 2 hours to complete it here is how I did ?


                I put CD1 but it gave me a list of alert to remove previous version of Whidbey. Then I removed my entire previous version and tried again now it goes well except one fascinating things that it ask 1st CD during installing 2nd CD. Which I never saw before.

                 Then I tried to install library but unfortunately I got the corrupted CD.I tried to remove whole installation because of one corrupt file (w2krk.hxs). But here I made tricks I tried to copy the w2krk.hxs file again it gave me the error but this time I went to Norton recovery manager and recover that file to one of my local drives. I also copied all other library files to local drive and install it successfully.


Let me play the with this now will tell now more later.


Cheers ..


Suresh [Microsoft MVP .Net,India]

Enable or disable service pack features From InfoPath 2003

       After releasing InfoPath 2003 SP1.There is lots of changes on it. The good thing is that you can disabled and enabled the SP 1 option using following things.

Enable or disable service pack features

The Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Service Pack improves the way you work with InfoPath by allowing you to add filters, rules, and other useful features to your forms. You can also insert new types of controls, such as file attachment controls and master/detail controls, and create formulas without writing script.

To use these features when you design or fill out a form, you must enable the service pack features for your installation of InfoPath.

Note  If you enable service pack features, the new forms you design can be filled out only by users who have the service pack features enabled on their computers.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Advanced tab.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To enable service pack features, clear the Disable Service Pack features check box.
    • To disable service pack features, select the Disable Service Pack features check box.

    Note  If you do not see the Disable Service Pack features check box, then you have not installed the service pack for InfoPath.

  3. Restart InfoPath.

Thanks and Regards,

Suresh [Microsoft MVP .Net,India]

NOTE: I tryed to copy the picture from print screen but failed ,i will try some other time and show it to you ,So shame to me .... :(  or check my other weblogs  :)


Good resource for InfoPath 2003

InfoPath :

Highlights & Top Issues
Downloads and Updates


Microsoft Expands Access to Windows Source Code For MVP

This make me feel good.

Microsoft Corp. has expanded the Source Licensing Program under which its Most Valued Professionals get access to the source code for the Windows operating system.

The Redmond, Wash., company said on Monday that all the MVPs within the Microsoft platforms community and living within the 27 eligible countries worldwide will now be able to access Windows source code at no cost.

More ...

Suresh[Microsoft MVP .Net,India]



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