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IE Developer Tool

I got chance to attend Dallas ASP.NET UG and came to know about IE Developer tool.It is great a great tool for debugging and troubleshooting.Specially when you work with highly scalable and high customer facing site.Here is few useful inks for this .

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Download Load Link


Developer Tools Menu Bar Shortcut Keys

Internet Explorer 8 Developer Tools GUI Reference


Suresh Behera

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Remote Control to Windows Mobile

Hurry got a very nice to control window mobile based device or phone.MY MOBILER v1.23 got nice features to do so.Check it out.


Suresh Behera

Screens from My Mobiler


This is awesome tool and has great features .Here is the screen shoot directly from MyMobiler.

image  image


Suresh Behera

Windows Mobile 5.0

Got some nice emulator for windows mobile and looking for a tool to control remotely.I am talking about controlling windows mobile device from the desktop.Somebody told there is way but no idea how?If you know please comment it here...

Thanks in Advance.


Suresh Behera

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