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Speeding Up Your Web Site

34 best practices

Yahoo’s YSlow

* Make Fewer HTTP Requests
* Use a Content Delivery Network
* Add an Expires Header
* Gzip Components
* Put Stylesheets at the Top
* Put Scripts at the Bottom
* Avoid CSS Expressions
* Make JavaScript and CSS External
* Reduce DNS Lookups
* Minify JavaScript
* Avoid Redirects
* Remove Duplicates Scripts
* Configure ETags
* Make Ajax Cacheable
More …
14 Rule by Steve Souders

- Combined and minimized JavaScript and CSS files used throughout the site
- Implemented CSS sprites for frequently-used images
How we improved performance on Google Code

How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression

Speed Up Your Javascript Load Time

Speed Up Your Javascript, Part 2: Downloadable Examples!

10 Tips for Writing High-Performance Web Applications

IIS Compression in IIS6.0

HOW TO: Enable ASPX Compression in IIS


Google Speed

IE+JScript Performance Recommendations
Part 1
Part 2

Part 3


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