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Easy way to write WHERE IN clause in Linq

I found many links to write IN clause in Linq but following is the simplest way achieve this

public IEnumerable<Products> GetProductsByIds(List<int > ids)
    from id in Products
    where (x => ids.Contains(x.Id))
    select new {x.Id, x.ProductName};

var productids = new List<int> { 33,34,35,36 };



Happy Coding..!

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Converting SQL To Linq

After working so long on I SQL ,you always need little trick to write you Linq Quires.Here is few tools which might help to generate your linq quries.

SQL to LINQ converter

Code Generation in LINQ to SQL

LINQPad : Code generation for Linq

Converting SQL to LINQ

101 LINQ Samples


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101 LINQ Samples

Awesome list of LINQ sample

Restriction Operators
Projection Operators
Partitioning Operators
Ordering Operators
Grouping Operators
Set Operators
Conversion Operators
Element Operators
Generation Operators
Aggregate Operators
Miscellaneous Operators
Custom Sequence Operators
Query Execution
Utility Routines
Join Operators



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