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March 2006 - Posts

Newest Code Camp on the Scene -


For over a year, some of the community leaders in Arizona have been talking about setting up a code camp. Hey others are doing it -- why can't we? We always loved the idea.

For over 2 months now, we've actually done it. We got a little tiny ball rolling from the top of a hill, and the hill is steeper than we realized, because the ball is rolling fast. With only a few leaks we already have over 100 people signed up.

Our (somewhat) crazy format. Anyone willing can request a session, and anyone willing can request to present a session. This way, we really let the community decide what they want to learn, and what they want to present. Then when you register, you can pick what sessions you're going to attend. Based on popularity, we'll keep as many as we can, and fill the rooms and slots we have available at University of Advancing Technology. They've be great with offering us the space.

We're open to all technologies, not just .NET. We're trying to really bring the coding community together, so that everyone can be exposed to new and exciting technologies. We have Xbox, PHP, Java, Flash, C++, and a bunch of other technologies already on the list of sessions.
Special thanks to one of our community leaders Lorin Thwaits, for creating the site. He's really done some amazing things that are making this Code Camp web site a huge success.

Visit Our Code Camp Site :

The New Buzzword :: "Mash-up"

Here a mash, there a mash, everywhere a Mash-Mash.

In every session of Mix06 the presenter and attendees that I talk to can't go more than 2 sentences without using this buzzword. What is mashup? It's whatever you want it to be, as long as it has something or anything related to an ajax site that pulls data into your website.

Mash this, mash that, mash some data and create your own Mash-up.

If you haven't heard this more than 1000 times a day, be forewarned, you're about to me Mashed.

Google now offers hosted mail for your domain

This may be old news to some, but I applied about a month ago, and just got approved for private labeled gmail for my domain.

So all my mail (for ) will be handled with gmail. If anyone wants to see this, I'm happy to answer and show information.

Browser Work Around :: 2 Connections Max

I'm sitting in Scott Isaacs talk "Lessons from the Trenches: Engineering Great AJAX Experiences" and He just gave a quick little tip, that I didn't know about.

I knew (or have heard frequently) that browsers have a 2 connections limit when talking back to your server. This is a common knowledge now that ajax has/is becoming more common. He says that the 2 connection limit is per domain. So if you're talking ajax on www -- you can load your images from a subdomain, and you'll get 2 more connections. So the following example could give you many connections to chat on.

Bam -- 8 connections.

Scott did mention that this could actually be slower due to many connections, BUT.. on broadband you could see better perfs.

Mix06 -- Congrats on Connectivity

This is the first Microsoft conference I've ever been to, where I have wi-fi access anytime I want it. No waiting for IP's, No Hassle, Just nice, fast, free, and always on wi-fi.

Whoever was in charge of the wi-fi access at Mix06 should be in charge of the wi-fi access for TechEd and PDC and All Microsoft conferences. Grants that there are only around 2000 attendees here, vs the 10K+ attendees that might be found at other larger conferences.

Congrats and Hats Off to the invisible man behind the little white access points everywhere.

MIX06 - hands on labs

I just spent a few minutes going through a hands on lab for Atlas. It's amazing how simple it is. Of course like anything understanding the details can be more intimidating than just getting it to work.

So I've gone through the magical "Hello World" with atlas, and it will be great to now dig into the underground and see what's really happening.

Anyway --- my reason for this post it that it would be nice to have the hands on labs documentation for download during the conference. I've been told that will have the HOL manuals -- but not until after the conference.

Who made that decision? First off -- anyone at the conference or not at the conference can benefit from these labs. They're mostly fool proof -- typing exercises with a step 1 ..... step X style of demo -- but that's great. That's exactly what they should be. Any they should not be under a password protected area of the mix site.

Do the HOL creators not want people to learn?

Why hide it?

Why make it hard to get?

Why make it so I can only do the HOL on a machine that's not mine, where I can't build on the examples after I leave?

Pretty much the same content is available on the atlas site under Tutorials: Developement Scenerios

Atlas Site now with Documentation
The Atlas Site has been updated, including a link to a 4 meg download for Atlas Documentation.
Atlas Go Live

Bill Gates just announced that there will be a Go-Live license available for Atlas as of today. I'm assuming details can be found on


Mix06 Travel Begins

3:45 am -- wow this shows dedication to a show. I'm up awful early to start travel but it's all going to be worth it. I have a feeling some great things are going to happen at this conference. Armed with my Sony T-7 (with a 2GB card), a account, and a sprint wireless cord for my laptop, I'm hoping to blog more at this conference than I've ever done in the past.

That won't be hard if I'm active, and hopefully the info I post will be helpful to those that can't attend. I'm especially trying to keep my Arizona.NET User Group Updated.

My main mission is to get up to speed on MS Atlas. I have an INETA Speaking Engagement with the East Bay.NET User Group on May 11th, 2006. My talk is about Ajax, and it's one I've delivered successfully before, but I've always used the Ajax.NET library. Maybe now I can add Atlas as the second half of that talk.

XP on Mac Hardware is for real now

This looks as about as legit as it can get.

If you're excited about the idea of running XP on Mac Hardware, check this out. The movie is very convincing.

Via Engadget Blog -

The infamous narf2006 has made good on his earlier promise to provide a video of Windows XP booting on an Intel-based iMac. While the video looks fairly convincing, we'll continue to reserve judgment at least until Colin Nederkoorn hands narf a check. Speaking of which, Colin, sponsor of the XP on Mac contest that started this whole thing, had to switch hosts after yesterday's frenzy, and is now hosting only the contest page, rather than the forums where narf had earlier posted pics of his supposed XP solution. Colin expects to have narf's solution in by the end of the week for testing, so we should know pretty soon whether this is the Holy Grail or a just another tin cup.

Watch the video (7.7MB MOV)
Read about the contest
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