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Getting LINQ to work in your new or Exisitng non-LINQ setup project

I read in ScottGu's post the other day that LINQ can also be used under Web Access Projects (aka "WAP"). All the 2.0 sites I build I use the WAP setup for, because I'm addicted to the 1.1 way of doing things.

Anyway, if you install LINQ, one of the wins you get is a new set of LINQ templates in your Visual Studio. This is great if you're setting up a new project, not so great if you're trying to integrate LINQ into an existing project.

So here's what I did, and how I fixed it.

I created a sample LINQ project, and took a look at the auto referenced assemblies. Then I went back to my WAP application, and referenced those assemblies. Then I started my LINQ demo code. All worked well. Generating code from sqlmetal.exe, the inserts, compilation, everything was fast and easy. I can't believe how great LINQ is.

So then my next demo is to start some selects, and using the new LINQ syntax. This didn't get me so far. I found out that there is one more hidden step in LINQifying an existing project. You have to make a minor modification to the MSBUILD commands in your project file. Follow these steps ...

  • Close your project
  • Open your project file in trusty Notepad
  • Just before the closing </Project> node at the bottom of the file add this node
    <Import Project="$(ProgramFiles)\LINQ Preview\Misc\Linq.targets" />

This little gem was the final step (at least so far [knock on wood]) that I needed to LINQify my existing project, and now all is well.

Hope this helps

Posted: Jul 27 2006, 07:05 PM by scott cate | with 1 comment(s)
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Shane said:

Thanks a lot for that post - it's just saved a few hairs from being parted from my head. :)
# October 30, 2006 7:56 AM